Protective & Preventative Products


With proven anti-viral nanotechnology Vita-Nano products both support the immune system and limit viruses efficacy in attacking the body.


Maintaining healthy bodily functions Vita-Nano products help to control glycemic spikes.


Nanotechnology engineering in Vita-Nano products elevate body regeneration and tissue healing.

Our Approach

In these times of global challenge it is essential to take a natural holistic approach to health and well-being while embracing new technologies in order to empower people to take control of their own future through a balanced, preventative and proven health journey. As a group of experts in business, commercial, scientific, and health & wellness sectors, we are bringing holistic and proven innovative products and preventative solutions to companies, institutions, families, and the general public. Focusing on the areas of cell regeneration & anti-aging, anti-viral prevention and eradication, inflammatory reduction, diabetes, and general overall health & wellness including skin health– our extensive expertise and proven product solutions cover many of these areas which have been improving countless lives globally and creating a monumental shift in this new world paradigm.

Featured Product - Novirol Support your Immune System

Cutting edge nanotechnology changing the game in engineered plant-based food supplements.

What is Novirol Immune Spray?

A plant-based food supplement powerfully centralized with nanotechnologies that provides support with innovative, balanced, and elevated benefits supporting health, wellness & body regeneration.

Boswellia Fast

Boswellia Fast is a food supplement based on plant extracts that promotes physiological joint function and counteracts localized states of tension.

Curcumin Fast

A notable anti-oxidant. The active ingredients of this product also have anti-inflammatory actions particularly useful in supporting rheumatic issues.

Nigella Fast

From Asia & the Middle East this product is influential in joint problems, intestinal and epidermal inflammations. Also anti-oxidant against free radicals.

Premium CBD Drops

We believe in taking the quality of life to the next level. Vito-nano is closely aligned with a  dedicated company based in a traditional hemp-growing region of Europe. It has become an established brand with a presence in more than 60 countries all over the world. Together with them, Vito-nano is on a mission to become a global leader in innovative hemp solutions, which is why our focus is on research and development.
We are always striving to be a step ahead in innovation, science, and sophisticated technologies. For instance, an advanced development department, in-house laboratory, and an interconnected complete tracking system from the seed to the best CBD products and beyond help us to make consistent, safe formulations that are exploring the tremendous potentials of cannabinoids. We know our products from when they were seeds. Our organic EU-certified strains are grown in the pristine sub-alpine region of Slovenia and the Pannonian plain of Croatia, free of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals. Carefully selected plants are then air-dried at temperatures below 35°C, thus protecting the pureness of our hemp.

2021 & BEYOND

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