Our Mission

With our genes making decisions influenced by chemical information received from the food we eat, our lifestyle, and the innate natural health response to many current dangers like viruses and other diseases. It is crucial that we convey the correct ‘food language’ to our genes which protect, strengthen and enhance the proper running of key innate functions within our bodies responsible for healthy regenerative responses.

With the global health uncertainties of today our individual commitments are continuously inspired and driven by advancements and progress of authentic, high quality and affordable science, business and health & wellness.

We are a group of experts with consistent success in the health & wellness industry, working on product development with preventative anti-viral solutions and CBD applications, which came together with one goal – to cut through the misinformation and bring proven scientifically engineered and authentic products that not only are valuable and highly progressive in their treatment application but are accessible to everyone providing consistently supportive rewards within a short period of time.

Our Team

A group of experts in the business, commercial, Scientific, and Health & Wellness Industries – we feel responsible in this time of global hardship & Challenge to offer proven and workable solutions to the world! We are therefore bringing holistic and proven innovative products and preventative solutions to businesses, institutions, families, and the general public.

Mauro Grandinetti

Founder and CEO

With many years of success within high levels in the corporate and technology world focusing on quality, Mauro an Italian National who witnessed the devastation close to where he grew up that COVID caused, was saddened by our inability to adequately protect the lives of so many. He has been driven and is committed to expediting the proven scientifically pivotal products like NOVIROL to everyday people and their families and work colleagues so they may have real natural anti-viral products that are easy to use and work in key ways that protect the body and strengthen the immune system. A family man, who was a professional winter sports skier he has wide expertise in the body, injuries and has become a leading light pioneering in the health & wellness industry to get to the masses real products that are proven and repair, sustain, and improve the performance of peoples health.

Katie Poyasov

Brand Ambassador

Majored in Biology and Health Sciences at the University of Toronto, Canada. She has a BSc (Hons) in Optometry and Visual Sciences, City University London UK. Postgraduate education in Naturopathic Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition her successful life has been built around bringing wellbeing to people around the world. She has been working tirelessly in the current climate with much success in the use of vita-nano products. A committed Brand ambassador she is an expert in the field and a strong believer in the importance of food health products addressing many of the great challenges our generation is facing.


Dr Antonello Sannia

An expert of great renown amongst his colleagues, he has worked on therapies and natural products as a professor for 30 years. Now retired from business he has continued working and is committed to aligning and using his vast and innovative knowledge into life-changing products like NOVIROL focused on creating a legacy in these globally challenging times to protect, enhance and sustain human health and wellness. 

Mark Steele

Specialist chiropractic, Mark has spent many years in the sports Industry with some well known big names. In an illustrious career, he has seen many injuries to the body both accidental and avoidable. It is his mission to educate people on how to protect themselves against unnecessary trauma and injury to the body and he is there to give valuable advice, regularly using vita-nano products in a wide range of specialist sports and public personal areas

Michele Müller

With a Ph.D in Biochemistry at ETH Zurich, a founder and managing director of companies in the pharmaceutical and Med Tech fields with ongoing activities in the R&D field, Michele is the scientific expert at the heart of nanotechnology in a vast range of natural and scientifically engineered vita-nano products. A pioneer fixed at bringing real and valuable products to people within the health and wellness industry, together with his team he has been directing pivotal and important product development in the field with consistent successes. 

2021 & BEYOND

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