Our Product Range

NOVIROL – cutting edge nanotechnology changing the game in engineered plant-based food supplements.

Novirol Immune Spray

Novirol is a patented emulsion of nano policosanol. Policosanol is a natural substance derived from plant waxes found in many whole foods, like raw sugar cane or rice A breakthrough in nanoscience technology delivering innovative immune system support.

Functional Food

Developed and approved by nutritionists, doctors and health specialists, Equilibrium Food is the first line of functional foods that helps stabilize blood sugar, keeps metabolism accelerated and counteracts inflammatory states.

Boswellia Fast

Boswellia Fast is a food supplement based on plant extracts that promotes physiological joint function and counteracts localized states of tension.

Curcumin Fast

A notable anti-oxidant. The active ingredients of this product also have anti-inflammatory actions particularly useful in supporting rheumatic issues.

Nigella Fast

From Asia & the Middle East this product is influential in joint problems, intestinal and epidermal inflammations. Also anti-oxidant against free radicals.

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